Can california dispensaries ship out of state

Can california dispensaries ship out of state

Are you wondering, “Can California dispensaries ship out of state?” The shipping of cannabis from California dispensaries to other states is a relatively recent and evolving notion. Maybe you want to opt for shipping your cannabis order because you are working or visiting family out of state and have no way of accessing a dispensary.

Maybe you just want to try cannabis from a specific dispensary in California. Weed Greens is a medical cannabis and dispensary dedicated to serving the Santa Cruz community with the highest quality in medicinal and recreational marijuana products available.


Yes, dispensaries in California can ship within their state. However, this depends on if the dispensary offers to ship. A lot of the time, delivery is offered when you order from a dispensary. You need to be home and able to accept the delivery in person.

Most California dispensaries offer delivery between a specific window of time throughout the day and offer curbside pick up. Since shipping of marijuana is so new and just recently became legal, many dispensaries still do not offer to ship. If the dispensary offers to ship, it will arrive as any other package would.


To answer whether California dispensaries can ship out of state, yes. It is legal for California dispensaries to ship out of state. Some California dispensaries just recently started offering mail-ordered marijuana.

Can Dispensaries Ship Marijuana?

Before 2021, it was only legal to ship marijuana in-state only since not every state legalized marijuana. However, a few California dispensaries will ship out-of-state marijuana orders to all 50 states.

This is a game-changer when it comes to shopping at dispensaries. Imagine how many marijuana users will take advantage of this offer and purchase from a dispensary because they have easy access to purchasing weed online with shipping.

Different people have different priorities. This is why we are extremely proud of the fact that we offer a wide range of the best weed in the city. Moreover, we provide quality and reliable services to our customers and make sure that you get your order delivered on time and in good condition.


To purchase marijuana products in California, you need to be 18 years old with a physician’s recommendation for medicinal use or 21 years old for recreational use. You will need to have a valid ID to verify your age so you can purchase marijuana from a California dispensary, and you can’t have a minor with you when making a purchase.

Purchasing marijuana is a lot like buying alcohol. In addition to having proof of your age, you also cannot drive under the influence. Marijuana and alcohol have different effects on the body.

weed greens is the number one California dispensary for high-quality products. With our mail order program, you can buy online and receive your products right at your door step.

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