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Unbelievable. I got the most incredible rush together with TOTAL pain relief and relaxation, plus, I could focus. Every word in the book I was reading took on clarity, every paragraph. What a literally mind-blowing and calming strain! Love it. Am ordering another 1/2 ounce which will give me a whole ounce. Worth it.

Kirstin Everton

I don’t usually say this, but I LOVE this strain. It is like a nice soft hug at the end of a bad day. It is great for neuropathy and arthritis pains, and helpful for anxiety and depression. The taste is amazing. One of my faves.

Mike Lloyd

As a patient, that deals with daily migraines, this is the ideal strain to address that, hands down! It does have that sweet cookie-like smell, very tasty!

Andy Guscott

Can never go wrong with GG #4. It does smell up the house. But it is my house and I don’t mind. lol. Great smoke to chillax with. And it does not glue you to the couch, unless you want it to. I give it two thumbs up. You should try GG #4, trust me.

Jane Bit

One of my favorite strains; its hard for me to get high, I’ve built up a high tolerance to thc; but smoking gorilla glue helps me get close to where I wanna be, I know, I know, it’s time for a break, which soon to be taking; anywho gorilla glue is the way to go in my books…ENJOY!

Loyd Washington

Gelato will give you a peaceful easy feeling. That sounds like it should be a song. lol. Great smoke. Do not assume Gelato #25 and Gelato #33 are the same as Gelato, they are different smokes

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Moonrock strain

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Moonrock strain

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